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Pluribus, a healthcare units management company, was formed by João Colarinha and João Ribeiro Santos, two doctors and university colleagues, with some experience in hemodialysis, who were later joined by two civil engineers and two lawyers. The company started the Treatment of Chronic Renal Disease, in 1981, at the Kidney Disease Clinic (CDR, in Portuguese).

To improve the quality of healthcare services, Pluribus developed, in the 1990s, several training programs for technical and auxiliary staff, which were co-financed by the former EEC.

In the year 2000, the 9 Clinics that were operating at the time were sold to the multinational company, Gambro. Following this sale, doctors João Colarinha, João Ribeiro Santos, José Diogo Barata, Francisco Ribeiro and João Bispo founded Pluribus II Internacional, which continued developing the project for the treatment of patients in Africa, and opened, in September of that same year, the Pluribus Africa Center of Hemodialysis, in Luanda.

In 2007, the Cascais and Sacavém Clinics were created, followed by the Benfica and Sintra Clinics. These 4 units were sold to the multinational company, DaVita, in 2018.

Currently, the company represents Baxter, a medical equipment, and consumables manufacturer, for the African markets with commercial activity in Angola and, more recently, in Equatorial Guinea.

Pluribus II Internacional (Angola) was created in 2004. The company manages healthcare units and markets hospital products. Presently, its headquarters is in Loanda Towers, close to the Ambiente Square, in Luanda. The company’s warehouse is in Kikuxe – Viana area.

It provides medical equipment and products for hemodialysis in Luanda and Benguela/Lobito. The company’s main clients are the Angolan Kidney Institute, the Pluribus Africa Hemodialysis Center, the RCA&DLA Organizations, and the Multiperfil Clinic.

Pluribus II Internacional also has Intensive Care equipment installed in and operated by the Sagrada Esperança Clinic, in Luanda. This partnership has proven to be essential to recover hundreds of patients in critical condition who, coming from all over Angola, were transferred to this unit.

In collaboration with Baxter, several training sessions have been carried out for nursing and medical staffs who have been operating with PrismaFlex monitors.

In what concerns the Management of Healthcare Units, a Public-Private Partnership contract was established with the Ministry of Health of Angola (MINSA) for the Construction and Management of Hemodialysis Clinics in Benguela, Lobito and Cabinda.

To this end, the Angolan Kidney Institute (IAR, in Portuguese) was created, in 2010. It started operating in 2012. Despite the economic problems that have occurred in the world and in Angola, it has been able to maintain its activity due to the strong commitment of its employees and suppliers.

The Angolan Kidney Institute was created in 2010. The shareholders, Pluribus II Internacional (Angola) and the Angolan company Hemodiangola, controlled respectively 60% and 39.7% of the capital. Its main activity is the Construction and Management of Hemodialysis Clinics under the Public-Private Partnership contract signed with the Ministry of Health of Angola (MINSA).

In 2012, the Institute started the construction of the Benguela Hemodialysis Clinic, located at Benguela Local Hospital, which started operating in November of the same year. Also in 2012, work began on the Lobito Hemodialysis Clinic, which started functioning in February 2014. Currently, the two Clinics located in the Benguela Province help around 260 chronic renal disease patients and have a staff of more than 150 employees.

Despite the economic problems occurred in the world and in Angola, the Angolan Kidney Institute has been able to maintain its activity due to the strong commitment of its employees and suppliers. For these reasons, the Cabinda Hemodialysis Clinic, located at Hospital 25 de Agosto, is still under construction.

Since 2012, the Angolan Kidney Institute has held more than 175,000 hemodialysis sessions and has provided specialized training in hemodialysis to approximately 120 nurses, having hired 62 professionals.

It has also carried out some training sessions with general practitioners to ensure the clinical surveillance of patients, with medical residences during their shifts.

The Clinics’ nephrologists have been collaborating with the Benguela General Hospital giving medical appointments and monitoring pre-dialysis patients. Moreover, they regularly participate in events organized by the provincial health authorities focused on promoting primary healthcare and preventing renal diseases.

In 1997, Pluribus II Internacional SA signed a Contract for the Provision of Healthcare with the Ministry of Health of Angola, which ensured the Treatment by hemodialysis (HD) of End-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients.  

The hemodialysis unit of Pluribus Africa Hemodialysis Center (CHPA, in Portuguese), operating at Américo Boavida University Hospital, was only inaugurated on September 17, 2000, due to the Angolan political and military situation.

Since the beginning of the partnership with the Ministry of Health until nowadays, the commitment and capacity of the Pluribus Africa Hemodialysis Center have been proved according to two core criteria in any medical project:

a positive impact on the living conditions of CKD patients, who now have this therapeutic technique, which until that date was almost inexistent in Angola;

A demanding training of Angolan healthcare professionals and their integration in a health unit dedicated in providing a highly differentiated medical assistance.

The determination of CHPA’s board in conducting and executing the project made it possible to overcome all type of difficulties, to maintain the technical quality at the highest level and to ensure an ongoing activity.

In 2012, a new and modern building was inaugurated, with 4 treatment rooms, which assist around 370 chronic kidney disease patients. It is, currently, the largest private Hemodialysis Clinic of the entire African continent.

In the photo, we see Professor João Colarinha together with the then MPLA political leader and current President of the Angolan Republic, General João Lourenço, in Luanda.


Na foto temos o Professor João Colarinha com o então responsável político do MPLA em Luanda e actual Presidente da República General João Lourenço.

Pluribus II Internacional – GE, SA is a Multi-Service Healthcare company and was created to operate in the national health market, in the ​​hemodialysis area.

Its shareholder is the Portuguese company Pluribus II Internacional, SA, which since last year has been visiting and contacting various officials in the healthcare and government sectors.

Based on the knowledge acquired about the status of hemodialysis in the country and considering the experience we have of other systems in Africa, we are capable of presenting proposals to improve and increase the current treatment conditions for patients with chronic renal failure in La Paz Hospitals – Malabo and Bata.

We built a model to calculate the expected number of patients with chronic renal failure for the next 15 years (2020 – 2035). We intend to establish partnerships with public and private entities to provide the country with the necessary infrastructure and technical staff to respond to the predictable increase in the number of patients in the referred period.

Support to Education

Pluribus II Internacional supports the Nova Medical Scholl Student Association | Faculty of Medical Sciences in the FutureMD Project.

This project intends to inform students enrolled on the integrated master’s in medicine about what happens after completing the course, addressing topics such as: the  General Training Internship, the several stages of the Specific Training Internship, the various Medical Career options – clinical or non-clinical – as well as the possibility of studying abroad.

Sports Support

Pluribus II Internacional sponsors Joaquim Agostinho Academy | UDO, a project of the União Desportiva do Oeste in Torres Vedras, and one of the largest national cycling organizations focused on training young Athletes.

All athletes can develop their abilities and dream of being integrated in an Under-23 team, the last stage before professional cycling.

In a historic region – which holds the record of titles in the Volta a Portugal (the country’s main bike race) and from which great names from the past and present of national cycling come from – Joaquim Agostinho Academy is very important for the future of this tradition. The Academy was named after of one of the best Portuguese cyclists ever – Joaquim Agostinho. Its main objective is to praise, perpetuate and dignify his memory.