Annual Activity Report – Clinica de Hemodiálise do Lobito – 2020

Annual Activity Report – 2020

Done by
Dr. Gilsemar Boavida
Dr. João Bispo
Enfª Laurinda Chipepe
Clinical Secretary : Ndjinga João


The mission of the Instituto Angolano do Rim is to provide hemodialysis treatment with the objective of respecting the legislation applicable to the hemodialysis sector and the assumed commitments; creating a good working environment; and promoting the offer of services in accordance with the identified needs, resource availability, motivation, employee involvement and continuous improvement of the health system to achieve success.

It has 2 Hemodialysis Clinics located at General Hospital of Lobito and at Municipal Hospital of Benguela.

Lobito Hemodialysis Clinic has 82 employees and a daily capacity to attend 126 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on dialysis, operating in 3 shifts per day, for a total of 2,160 dialysis sessions per month.

During 2020, we provided assistance to an average of 137 patients per month. 43% were women and 57% were men. The predominant age group was 40-49 years old. 77% had negative serology, 6.3% positive serology for HIV, 13.6 % for Hepatitis B and 3.4% for Hepatitis C.

During this period, we recorded an average of 1,343 dialysis sessions per month, despite the numerous difficulties we had faced regarding the regular supply of medical consumables. Regarding vascular access, 38.8% was done with Long-term Catheters, 26.7 % with Short-term Catheters and 34.5% with arteriovenous fistula. Despite this satisfactory outcome, it is necessary to establish a program aimed at providing arteriovenous fistula with the existent vascular surgeons.

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