Our goal is to always provide the best treatment for our patients. Therefore, we offer our clients the best solutions in the market which are adapted to the realities of each location where we operate.

To achieve this, we try to know all the data available regarding the project’s construction sites, their populations (development and access to healthcare and basic services), logistics and customs operations. We visit these sites and contact the local authorities.

The company is licensed to export consumables and medical equipment from Portugal.  Its subsidiaries in Angola and Equatorial Guinea are authorized to import medicines, consumables, and medical equipment.

We establish partnerships with our suppliers of medical materials and equipment, or with experienced technicians from various specific areas – Architecture, Water Treatment Units, Logistics, etc.

Supply of Medical Equipment and Products for Hemodialysis and Intensive Care (Baxter)

We have established a distribution contract with the multinational company BAXTER, of medical materials and equipment for Hemodialysis and Intensive Care for African countries that are members of CPLP (Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries).  BAXTER has the most advanced technological solutions in the market to provide Healthcare to Kidney Failure Patients.

We also rely on Baxter’s staff and training programs to train our employees in technical areas, such as medical equipment and water treatment, and in clinical areas, like nursing and medical teams.

Supply of Other Hospital Consumables

We seek to complement our offer of hemodialysis products with other hospital consumables, offering our clients the best solutions possible.

We highlight the range of catheters to use in hemodialysis patients, with a wide set of specifications for both CVC’s and Long-Term catheters from Med Comp.

We provide specific materials upon Customer’s request.

Development and Installation Support for Hemodialysis Units

Pluribus II has carried out several studies on the status of chronic kidney disease in several African countries, such as Mozambique, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea, where the number of patients in the medium term (15 to 25 years) is expected to grow.

Together with these studies, and at the request of the national health authorities of the respective countries, we have pointed out some solutions for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients.

Over the years, we have provided consultancy services to our clients and other public and private entities on projects for the construction of new Hemodialysis Clinics, in Portugal and in the various CPLP countries where we operate.

Hemodialysis Nurses Training Program and On-Job Integration in teams (Angola)

The Hemodialysis Training Courses for Nurses were developed with the general objective of increasing theoretical and practical knowledge in nephrology, to prepare our employees for the exercise of specialized functions in hemodialysis at Hemodialysis Clinic of Benguela and at Lobito Hemodialysis Clinic. This way, we wish to increase the number of nurses specialized in providing differentiated healthcare to patients on a regular hemodialysis program.

Since 2019, training sessions have been conducted in Luanda for experienced nurses in hemodialysis to enable them to operate with Baxter’s Artis Physio monitors.